Good Afternoon Church,
Hope you are doing well this week.

In our study on Galatians the issue of trust has been central.  The call of the book really has been the call to live by faith in Christ and what he has done for us.  This is what it means to walk in freedom.  By being circumcised and keeping Jewish rituals, the Galatians are showing that they do not fully trust in Christ.  This is why this past week; I felt the Lord asking us this question – “Do you trust Me?” Are there things we are doing that like the Galatians demonstrate we don’t fully trust in Christ? The enemy is very subtle.  It probably didn’t seem to Galatians like they were making any big compromises.  They would have still said they believe in Jesus.  They might have thought these laws were just really helping them in their spiritual journey.  How many times have I heard these words, “yes, I know I need to trust Jesus, but….” and then what follows after the “but” is what the person is really putting their trust in.
How do we discern if we are falling into this trap? The clearest way is to look at the fruit of our lives.  Jesus says every tree is known by its fruit.  Our actions and how we speak often demonstrate what we actually believe.  So, what does trust look like? True trust always produces love (Gal. 5:6b).  When our trust is fully in Christ it produces love for Christ.  Genuine faith always overflows into acts of love.  We saw this in the story of the sinful woman who came to Jesus in Luke 7:36-50 and wept at his feet, wiped them with her hair and anointed them.  The woman’s trust in Jesus led her to perform her acts of love and worship.  This love did not save her but came as a result of her faith in Christ.  This is contrasted with the Pharisee who did not trust Jesus and instead of overflowing with love for Jesus was stingy with Jesus.  He did his duty but no more.  His lack of love revealed that he did not, in fact, trust Jesus.
As we go further into Galatians, we will see how this trust will not only manifest itself in loving Christ but in loving those all around us.  We saw in the study of 1 John how central loving your brother and sister in Christ is to our faith.  The fruit of faith in Christ produces love for all those who are in Christ.  So, I conclude by challenging us with this question: Are we overflowing with love for Christ and for those around us? Do people see the love of Christ shining through us in our daily walk? Or do they see us as being driven by duty, stinginess, and obligation.  The answer to these questions can tell us a lot about if we really trust Jesus, or if we like the Galatians are looking to other things outside of Christ.

In Christ, 

Taylor Ewert

Pastor, Friendship Baptist Church