Apprenticeship Program

friendship baptist church coquitlam

The purpose of the FBC pastoral apprenticeship is to give ACTS (or perhaps other seminaries and colleges in the future) students ‘on the ground training’ in the various components of pastoral ministry in a local church. This allows the student to have a well balanced education in which theory and practice can be intertwined in the heartbeat of a local church in which the apprentice is ‘IMMERSED’ in the church. This has significant kingdom benefits as we can be a hub through which pastors are developed and either sent out to other churches. The apprentice will be spending time helping and leading in various ministries of the church as well as preaching once every 5-6 weeks for the Sunday morning gathering. The apprentice will also be at Board meetings in a non-participatory role in which the apprentice will get a birds eye view of the decision making processes that happen behind the scenes in a local church as well as mentoring time with the lead pastor in which the student can ask questions and have ongoing review of ministry outcomes and goals.



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